Such a simple yet powerful word. Something we all want and often chase. Sometimes we actually have it right in front of us, yet we are too blind to see it.

Happiness to me has been an eye opening journey, and one I know I'll be on for the rest of my life.

Whenever I would visit my Dad we would talk about nothing and everything, I loved our chats, but he always wanted to know if I was happy. It was so important to him. For years I thought this question about my happiness was about the "things" in my life. Like my job, my car, my partner, my house etc. I thought he was talking about my happiness as an external object. I completely missed the real meaning of his question.

I now realise, 3 years after he has passed away, he was talking about me. Not about what's in my life, but me. I am my happiness, no one else.

The moment this light bulb went off in my head was a big ah-ha! How could I have missed the real meaning?!? For I had been chasing happiness and looking for it everywhere.  I kept thinking "If I just get this in my life or do that, then I will be happy."

All of life's external things that bring us happiness need to be the cherry on the cake. You need to be your #1 happiness, no one and nothing else.

The journey I'm now on is looking within. Looking deep within to my inner child, my heart, my soul. What makes me happy? Truely happy! What lights me up? What ignites my soul? What do I want for my life? Who and what energy do I want around me?

We need to authentically show up for the life we're given. Stop doing what you "should" do and ask yourself "What is it I actually want to do?"

Adding onto my happiness journey I'm also making peace with my present and loving this moment I'm living. I've been chasing all of these things to make me happy when if I just stopped for a moment and had a long hard look at my life, I would see it's pretty amazing.

Fall in love with your life. This isn't a dress rehearsal, this is it. Whatever the universe has in store for me will flow when the time is right. 

If you are reading this and nodding your head because this resonates with you, then spend some time alone, be with yourself and create space for the silence. Look within and see what you find. The real you. Love yourself. Speak kind words to yourself. Enjoy your own company. Create space. Create silence. Breathe in and just be with you.

Find you, as you are your own happiness.



Kirsty Kohlhagen