Sophie Keate - Social Media & Marketing Consultant

One of Kirsty's greatest gifts is her ability to find rationelle in a situation, to process it and to thoughtfully give guidance on how one could best move forward with intention. 

Kirsty invests an energy into every one of her clients, an energy I have not seen before from a coach. She will connect with you, sharing her focus and the clarity she has gained in the path she chooses to walk and dedicate her life to. This is an inspiration and as a client pushes you in wanting to achieve the same. 

Kirsty has created (over the years of experience) a beautiful framework and now a tool, that allows her to share and educate her expertise as a wellness coach. This will empower others, just like me to go grab that bit extra out of life and make it count!

I highly recommend Kirsty, she won't just be your mentor but a friend of trust.

Sarah Fallon - Finance Strategist & Property Lending Specalists

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kirsty for over 10+ years both personally and professionally and her passion to impact the lives of the people she connects with, and both her genuine desire to empower and serve others is inspirational. I highly recommend Kirsty and her programs for anyone wanting to make powerful changes in their lives, to play bigger and show up, to live a life of clarity, meaning and intent