Healthy & Tasty Snacks

I love eating. Simple and true. I love all food - the good, the bad and everything in between. If anyone reading this knows me, I think they would totally agree! My love for great tasting food that warms your belly and heart has always been there from a young age, but through the years as I have grown up I've realised that the food you put into your body is so important. You need to fuel your body with food that has a good nutritional value.

I graze with my diet and always try to invent new and yummy snacks so I don't get bored with what I eat. Some people say it keeps your metabolism high - some people say that's wrong. I'll leave that one up to you to decide. What I have done over the years is talk to different people in all industries about what they do and what works for them. Then I listened to my body and found out what works for me. The minute you start listening to your body and really find out what works and what doesn't, you will be amazed at how much better you will function. What I have come to realise is that my body and mind function to the best of their ability with a small piece of protein and veggie snack in the morning and afternoon.

We are all busy - talk to any of your friends and family and the conversation normally goes… them:  "Hi, how are you?" me: "So busy!" I know you are all nodding your head right now as I am 100% guilty of this too. We are all busy, that's life! We have to stop using that as an excuse. Before that was my  number 1 excuse! Not any more though - now I use it as a challenge! (Insert Barney Stinson voice "Challenge accepted!")

Don't give up eating better for your body as life is so busy, just think outside the box, be inspired and motivated to be better and you will actually find the time. I gave into the excuse and I was never prepared and always just went for the quick fix, cake/sweets/lollies or oily/fatty/crappy option. When I started my 5% journey this was one of the first goals I wanted to kick! As I was on the road with my job I needed something that could be packed away, eaten with in a few minutes, be healthy PLUS enjoyable to eat! Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or blah tasting food. So I started simple:

  • Boiled egg, spinach, cherry tomatoes and cracked pepper
  • Mixed nuts
  • Celery, carrots and cracked pepper
  • Beef, carrots, cucumber and herbs
  • Egg and ham cups     

Adding the basics (meat, egg, veggies) with a little bit of cracked pepper and herbs can be a yummy snack. Easy to keep in a tupperware box and eat on the run or in the car. All of these quick and simple snacks were so easy to prepare - all you have to be is organised. While you are cooking dinner the night before, prepare your snack box too. Or while you are having breakfast.

When changing 5% of your life, its like breaking in a new habit, you need to be conscious and consistent while doing it because before you know it, it will be come a habit. My habit now is every Sunday and Wednesday night I prepare snacks for a few days while I cook dinner. I do it with out even thinking and over time that 5% choice has benefited my health and life. I feel so much better knowing I'm eating a healthy snack.     

After you get into a great habit with bringing healthy snacks into your diet, this is where you probably want to start experimenting and creating new and exciting snacks. You don't have to bring in heaps of new ingredient, just experiment with what you have.

Start your own 5% journey today!