Vision Board Workshop Party

On Sunday 26th I was so happy to host my first Vision Board Workshop Party! Afterwards I did a little happy dance and skip around the house. It was a small goal that I had achieved and I was very grateful to have had the opportunity to share my passion and help people. Even though only two people came, and with this number I could have easily said not to worry about it, it was still a great first. But it wasn't about the number of people that attended, it was about what I wanted to do and share. 

I like to think of a vision board as an inspiration board as well. It doesn't need to have specific pictures of items you want to manifest into your life, it can be but doesn't have to be. To me a vision/inspiration board is a creation of pictures and words by you about the life you wish to create and manifest. It has to excite you! It has to speak to you! Looking at this board every day stirs something inside of you that makes you want to get out there and create it.

You are in control of your life and every day you have so many choices. Wake up your mind and realize if you want something to happen in your life, go out there and make it happen! By creating a vision of the life you want you are acknowledging to yourself that you are accountable to you! The people in your life may influence or support this, but it all comes down to you.

I loved holding a workshop. There is this vibe and energy around it! Connecting with people and helping them unlock something inside of them is what I love doing. When you put like minded people together they grow, bond and share stories. It creates a tribe of amazing people. It helps you feel that you're not alone in your journey. So I'm happy to have hosted my first of many, many workshops. I just know this is the start of something amazing and I can't wait to share and experience it all with you.