Act from Love

VALUE #1 FOR 2019! Act From Love.

Over the next year I’m going to share with you the 12 values I learnt in 2018 and how I’m putting them into practice.

SO Truth... How many times a day do you get frustrated at someone? Judge someone? Think negative thoughts? Yup we all do! I’m not expecting to turn into a zen monk with only loving feelings, but I want to really challenge how I show up every day and in all my interactions with people. I want to practice being in the moment and catching myself when it happens and then changing my thoughts.

If I show up from a place of love, speak from love and act from love... How could I shift the environment and energy? Would I have better outcomes? Would I be less stressed?

Now to key in all of this is to catch myself when I go to a judging or negative space. Creating a new habit takes commitment and you need to check in with your goal each day. So I’ve set up the following:
▪️ Daily pop up reminder in my phone
▪️ Act From Love light box in my house
▪️ Talk about it with friends and family
▪️ Set up some post it notes at work

I don’t expect to be a glowing flow of love and only love by the end of January, but if I’m showing up each day more aware and more conscious about acting from love... well then that’s awesome.

Kirsty Kohlhagen