If you stop and think about it, the human race is pretty smart. Everything we have done, explored and created. But for being so smart we fall short a few brain cells when it comes to the most important thing we should be focusing on, ourselves! The age old saying "Oh I don't have time" is a load a crap. We all have the same 24 hours in the day, no one has more or less than anyone else. If you're single, have a partner or children we all have equally busy lives and should never compare. I don't mean to sound harsh but your own personal self care is the utmost import thing to be spending time on. If you are running around stressed and creating a life for everyone around you but physically and mentally you could possibly have a breakdown, well then was it worth it? OR do you spend time nourishing and taking care of yourself so you are the best for everyone around you? Simple question but so many of us have it around the wrong way.

So lets be clear, I'm not talking about taking hours out of your day to sit, write, mediate, go for long walks on the beach etc. I'm talking about finding a way to reconnect your mind and body so you are present in the now and have it work with the 21st century lifestyle. Finding a way to centre, de-stress and find the calm within the crazy. We need to stop our minds running a million miles ahead of our body. Sometimes I think my mind should be kept on a leash! 

How crazy is it to think we have to consciously make our mind stop and come back into our body to connect with it. To be present in the moment. Have we screwed ourselves up that much that the disconnect is too big to close? I don't think we have, yet I know it will take a strong conscious effort to close the gap. It's creating a new habit when the old one is quite cemented in. 

This whole mind and body disconnect has been in my thoughts for my whole holiday. How do I create a healthy habit to bring my mind and body back into alignment so they are connected? Yes my mind will run around and have adventures through out the day but I need to train it to come back to my body and connect without me having to tell it to do it.

Personally I know I need something clear to go home with and put into practice straight away. But what?