Letting Go

Entering a new year there is an essence of expectation, what will it bring? So many things can change within 12 months, so it's pretty exciting to what lies ahead. But is your mind awake going into the new year and leaving all the people that no longer serve you purpose, bad energy and just general crap you don't need anymore behind? What are you holding on to that's causing you discomfort? What is the emotion, situation or person you can't let go off? I'm not saying you need to let go of everything but are you consciously holding on to something that will hold you back going into the new year? The tighter you hold on to what you don't need, the worse it's going to be for your wellbeing.

For me I find visulation is a great tool. Either closing my eyes or going for a walk, I visualise closing the door on what I don't want in my life any more, and then visualise opening the door to what I would like to come into my life.

Assess what you are holding onto and how that makes you feel. If it's a pretty crappy feeling and just makes you feel yuck, well then what are you going to do about it? Its not going to disappear, if anything its going to keep rearing its ugly vibe and keep throwing you off course. 

So keep it simple. If it doesn't bring you love, kindness and good vibes... Then let it go.