Vision Board Exploring & Creating

So the last Friday of my holidays was spent with my lovely sister-in-law catching up and creating vision boards. An awesome finish to my holidays! I've dabbled with visions boards in the past but never followed through and created an actual vision board for me. I love seeing inspirational quotes and positive words around my house and at work, but I have never put it all together to create my own personal one.  I like the idea of a vision/inspiration board that speaks to you, ignites something within your core to push you to where you want to be. 

As a wellness coach, when you start working with a client you help them to create a vision of a life they want to aim towards. A vision isn't a SMART goal, it's a picture of you in the future with all the goals put in place. A vision doesn't have a time frame so it can always be re-addressed and tweaked if need be. I like to describe a vision like a picture on a cloud, always above you right there in the sky. Something you are aiming towards. You can see it, it feels a bit uncomfortable as it's not where you are right now, but it's also exciting as hell as that 's where you want to be! A personal vision when doing wellness coaching can be such a powerful tool for the client.

Combining this style of creating your own personal vision and then putting that down on a vision board, I seriously question why have I not done this sooner?!? I know I am a visual person, I've always had to see something to really understand it. So after creating my vision board I felt like this was the extra push I was looking for!

So my two vision boards are on the back of my door. I look at them and I feel so passionate about what I have created and the direction of my future. I see them every morning when I get up and every night before I go to bed. I also took a picture of them on my phone, so if ever I am needing motivation through out the day I have a quick look at them again and then BAM I'm back on track. 

So if you are like me and need the extra push right now a vision board might just be what you are looking for! It might be a general "life" vision board or a "specific" goal you want to focus on. If this is you then please have a look at the workshop I am holding in February. Invite and information is on my Facebook site.