Being Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

Today had a mixure of emotions for me. There was an uncomfortableness that I was trying to shake. Was it the feeling of getting into holiday mode? Was it all of these thoughts and ideas about why I am on holiday? I just couldn't relax. I know I have always struggeled to slow my mind down but this was really bugging me today. 

I started off the day with a vinyasa yoga, working on poses and breathing. I still struggle to find a balance with the flow, I think this will come with time. Yoga is only new to me and my body so I must be patient and understand the process. After yoga I went and hung down by the pool. Proceeded to pick up and put down my book about 5 times. I was looking around at all the people for ages and couldn't find a comfy spot. Here I am sitting by a beautiful pool, looking out at the tranquil ocean and still I couldn't calm my mind. What is wrong with me that I can't just relax?!? Late afternoon I went to yoga again, but this time it was a different style of yoga I hadn't heard off before. Yin yoga is different to vinyasa yoga and after the teacher explained it I honestly thought I was going to be very bored and the hour would pass so slowly. I thought I would be uncomfortable with something new that I thought wouldn't be beneficial for me all. Oh how wrong I was. Thank you universe this was exactly the yoga class I needed! Yin yoga works on sitting in the pose for about 5 minutes, eyes closed, thinking about your breath in and breath out. Clearing your mind to be 100% still. With eyes closed you need to look within, dig deep and be at peace and one with yourself. After a few fidgety poses and not sure about the breathing, the teacher said a few things that just clicked with me and it was like all of a sudden I got it. There was this surge of release and my mind was clear. My eyes welled up and there was release that I had been searching for. The rest of the class was the best yoga class I have ever been too. Knowing and understanding now the simplicity of breathing, I know I can go to this calm and mindfulness state again. I have the control, I can do this.