Checking In With Your Inner Child

Today I was grateful to receive a one on one yin yoga class with my beautiful teacher Nicole. It was everything I had hoped to learn from a personalised class. Understanding the practice of yin yoga, breathing, looking within, sitting with the discomfort and not moving. I hold a lot of tension in my hips and pelvis so this is the area I wanted to work on. Half way through the class I had a release again, actual tears came out and I let go into the pose. After this I had a vision of me, little me, dancing around in my head to the rhythm of the music with the biggest smile on my face. If this is what it is like connecting to your inner child then sign me up to do it every day! There was this happiness of finding the silence and calm, working through things and then coming out the other side. What magic the body and mind can do if you really focus your thoughts and breathing. 

Yin yoga teaches you to sit with the uncomfortable and look within yourself about how you want to act when faced with this.  Do you want to move, change positions‚Ķ Or do you want to take some more breaths, sit into the pose a little deeper knowing it will not last forever. The more you sit still with the uncomfortable and keep your eyes closed, you are drawn within to ask yourself "Is this mental or physical pain?" Both are confronting questions to ask, look deep and find the answer.

Having a converstaion with Nicole after, I spoke about my initial view of what I thought yin yoga would be but then my connection to it and what I got out of it in just one and now two classes. Also reflecting on how the practice of yin can be applied to every day life. When you are faced with an uncomfortable situation or painful moments, what do you normally do? Yin teaches you to stand still, be silent and know the situation or pain won't last forever. Don't run, don't hide, don't change who you are (position) instead understand the situation or pain, work with it and let it help you grow. She said it's amazing that I have connected so quickly and picked up that lesson to transfer on to my life. 

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship with yin yoga.

If you practice Yoga or have had any other similar experiences please comment below! I am so interested as to why people started their own yoga journey and also what they have gotten out of it.