I Don't Want To Leave

I woke up this morning with a heaviness and lack lustre to even get out of bed, I was leaving my bubble of calm. This zen state of absolute bliss I had emerged myself in for the last week. A moment of anxiety rushed over me, how the hell am I meant to keep this feeling when I go back to reality? I know I have one more weeks holiday in Seminyak but even that to me is going to be reality compared to my last week. The real world reality for me is working, expectations, amazing people, negative people and situations that may slap you in the face?!? Seriously how do people do this? How do they keep their calm in all the craziness of reality?

Reading back over my journal entries from the last week I sound like a blissfully happy, calm and soulful person. No wonder because I was in my holiday bubble of yoga, mediation, ocean surf and good vibes. My experiences this time helped me understand why people pick up their hectic and stressful lives and move to Bali. To be honest I thought about it many times.

So how do you transfer the calm, the zen, the absolute bliss of being centered with oneself into your own life called reality? There are a million books, retreats and a whole world of wellness experiences at our finger tips. But yet we are missing the big picture. What do we do once we finish the book or leave the retreat? 

So week one for me was all about letting go, de-stressing, finding my calm, my happy place and the quietness inside all of the noise. Week two is going to be business and wellness goal setting for 2017, and one of those goals is How do you bring the calm into the crazy? 


Kirsty Kohlhagen