This week I have been doing a lot of reflecting back over the last two years and one thing that kept coming into my mind was how lucky and blessed I was to have so many amazing family members and friends around me. The support they have given me was effortless. My heart is full of love and grateful for each and every one of them. 

We all will go through life changing events, the good and bad, but until you are right there in the middle you actually have no idea what you want or need in the way of support. For me it was people turning up when I hadn't needed to ask them. Also receiving a phone msg from someone I hadn't seen or spoken to in years. Each separate piece of love and support that was given to me is stored in my heart forever. It may not have been acknowledged or thanked at the time due to where I was at. But now reflecting I would like to acknowledge it and moving forward I hope to do the same if and when needed. 

A 2017 wellness goal for me was starting a Gratitude, Thankful and Happy Journal. Each evening I write down at least one thing I am Grateful for, Thankful for and Happy about. 

So today...

  • I am grateful for all my amazing family and friends
  • I am thankful for their persistence when I said I was ok and didn't need help, they knew better
  • I am happy that through all the bad times comes the good times, so I have a year of a lot of good times ahead of me

If there is one thing you do this year either start a Gratitude journal (or if that is still a bit much for you) start saying out loud once a day at least one thing you are grateful for. The change in your mind is so powerful.