Look Forward... But Take A Moment & Glance Back

When coaching clients I need to ensure that they have a clear, strong and inspiring vision of where they want their life to be. From the vision they have created, the client can then break down how they are going to get their weekly/monthly goals. The goals that they achieve along the way are so important as it's leading them to their beautiful vision of how they want their life. It's important not to get bogged down on what's happened in the past or what didn't work. It's about the now and what you are going to do from this day forward. It's about you and your future! 

But today while I was thinking about this I had to make a conscious note that sometimes you need to glance back and either learn from what has happened or give yourself a massive high five on how far you have come.

Its nearly been a year since I started the single life again and at the time this is not where I thought I would be at 33! None of my life made sense as I was still mourning the loss of my dad and partners dad. How did my life end up here!?! This was not the plan.

I would love to tell you that since then I have worked on myself a little bit by little bit each day, but then that's not real and we have to keep it real! It was more weekly and monthly that I did a bit of work on myself to ensure I was moving forward. I tried to do something that would grow and nourish my body, mind and soul. But to be honest there were days I didn't wanna get off the couch and ate a lot of crap food. But that's ok, it's perfectly ok. You haven't failed if you have these days or a week. Just accept you are a beautiful human and things in life happen to throw us off course, it's what you do to get back on course that matters. If are reading this now and having a "day" or "week" cause your life has all of a sudden been thrown upside down and you just feel a bit crap. It's perfectly ok beautiful! Just don't stay there in that deep and dark moment. Feel it, accept it, understand it and move on. That is how I got through after I felt like my whole life had been turned upside down. 

But going back to what has really got me thinking today and kind of threw me was I haven't looked back. Not even for a moment. Maybe I subconsciously thought if I looked back I wouldn't be able to keep moving forward. I'm not sure? All I was focused on was surviving and growing, and don't get me wrong that is great to do, but I feel you need to at least glance back to see how far you've come and to also celebrate all of those small wins along way. 

Glance back occasionally and take a moment to think about your journey. What have you learned? How far have you come? What is something that you may have wanted to leave in the past yet you haven't been able to yet? What's happened in your past, to now drive your "why" to change your future? The key is to glance back, assess and move forward. Just don't glance back and then find your whole body turned around. The past has gone, you can't live there anymore you can only glance back and either learn or acknowledge what's gone.

So fast forward to the present and I'm now 34 and the happiest I've been in a long time. My coaching business is developing and I can't wait to launch it in July 2017. Mentally I'm reading more, listening to podcasts and growing as a person. Physically I'm trying new ways to keep fit and listening to what my body likes. For my soul I'm meditating and tuning in to what my body needs. It's an empowering feeling to feel alive and awake for the first time in years. The love and support I've also received from my family and friends over the last 12 months and more has been so beautiful and fills my heart with so much gratitude. So honestly ask me 12 months ago if I could have seen any of this happening... I would have told you no way. 

My life looks nothing like I thought it would be at 34, but that's ok, cause it looks so much better. So I've glanced back, learned from my journey and celebrate all of my amazing wins. This has given me so much strength and encouragement to keep charging forward.