Showing Up For Your Life Every Day

So you may have read the title and said to yourself "Yeah I show up, I show up every day. I show up to work, the gym, lunch with friends and on and on. Yeah I show up."

But let me bring it back a level for you to really reflect on the statement. When you wake up in the morning and jump in the shower. Are you in the shower feeling the water fall on your body? Do you smell the body wash? Are you checking into your body waking up, feeling your muscles stretching & the blood flowing through your veins. Or are you thinking of everything you have to do that day and finish the shower without even connecting to what you were doing?

When you are at breakfast or lunch with a friend having conversations about life and what's been happening. Are you there connecting with eye contact and listening to everything your friend is saying? Are you pausing to take it all in? Is your body and mind connected to be there in that moment with your friend? 

Demonstrating being mindful in your everyday life is showing up for the present moment you are in. Right here, right now. You owe it to your life! You only have one. Connecting your body and mind to be still and present in the moment is hard, I know as I've been disconnected for such a long time! But lately I've been consciously practicing this and it's really working. I feel more connected to the present moment than I have ever felt before. I feel calmer. I feel excited to be living this life where I am in tune to my body and mind. When I am having conversations with people I am in that moment with them and listening to everything they have to say. I'm showing up. I'm not worried about jumping in and telling them what I want to say. I'm listening and taking it all in. When I am going for a walk I tune into my body and listen to it. I feel the air on my skin. I feel the ground with each step. I feel like I'm experiencing different parts of my life for the first time. I owe myself, my life and and the universe so much respect for letting me live this amazing adventure that I need to show up, be present and really experience each moment. 

So this is your Sunday reminder to show up this week, and then keep showing up with the weeks that follow. Be here, right now. Connect with yourself and love every bit of you. The person showing up to this moment is one amazing soul. The journey you took to get to this moment isn't filled with baggage and negative memories, they are you, and you wouldn't be the awesome person you are today without all of it. So embrace every bit of it, and surround yourself with people who also want to embrace you and be present in that moment. Look in the mirror and see yourself how I see you. Show up. Respect the moment and connect your body and mind. You will be amazed with the feelings, connections and life you will start to live.