Create Space in Your Life

How many of you fill every moment of your life with doing this and doing that. Make todo lists as long as your arm? Then complain that there is no time for what you really want to do? Or there is no space in your life for what you want to attract? I know you are agreeing with me as so many of us are guilty of this! We are the age of "busy'' people. 

Question though... How are you meant to achieve what you want to achieve in your life if you don't consciously make the time and space? How are you meant to attract what you desire in your life if you don't create the space for it? 

This question and journey has been one I have struggled with for a long time, and will probably continue to struggle with! I'm only human! But I guess this blog piece is a reminder to me and to also open up to you about the simple fact. You must create time and make space in your life for the life you want. Or simple fact... stop complaining about it. You have the choice.

Every day you make millions of choices. Even simple ones you don't even think that you're making. I personally want to be awake living my life to it's full potential! If I want my life to change I'm going to have to think about what can I get rid of to make space for what I really want? Or how am I living my life, what changes do I need to make? This is my commitment to me, and to you my readers that I'm never going to give up looking at my life every day with gratitude and thinking where can I create space?

The more you fill your life up and control every minute, the more you are disabling yourself from living the life you actually want to live. Make the choice.