Excited! Grateful! Pumped!

Have you ever had so many emotions running through your body like lightning bolts and you didn't know if you should cry, smile or do a little dance?!? Well that was me yesterday. I'm so proud to say that I have completed my Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate. 

I started this course just under 2 years ago, although I had a few months off in the middle due to some life events. Since starting the course so much has changed. My Dad passed away, my partners Dad passed away and then my partner of 6.5 years and I separated and I had to move out and start my life again. So many endings, but so many amazing new beginnings too. I've learnt many things along the way that have honestly helped massively with my journey. 

Half way through the course I heard something that was a light bulb moment... "You teach what you need to learn". This is so true. The personal growth and development has been exactly the path I needed to walk. When I started this course I never could have imaged the information I would have learnt, how much I have grown and the doors that are now being opened for me. Thank you Universe! Everything I have learnt I am so grateful to be putting it into practice and launching my Wellness Coaching business to help others.

I know I'm not alone when it comes to picking yourself up from life changing events, or trying to hold down a jam packed life but knowing you want that little bit extra for you. Everything is achievable, I know as I have done it. I can't wait to move forward and coach more people through these life challenges.

So thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey so far. Without you I wouldn't be here today. A big special thank you to my amazing and talented family who has supported and encouraged my journey - My proof reading mumma, my brother the photographer and my other brother the IT guru. 

The word excited doesn't even seem to come close to what I am feeling! Energetic! Vibrating joy! Happiness! To learn a skill and then work with people helping them on their path to greater things makes my heart burst with gratitude. 

If you want to know more about how working with a Wellness Coach can help you, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Watch this space for more exciting things to come!