Half Way Check In

Quick little check in with you my beautiful people to see how your Self-Care September is travelling? Have you taken a moment to sit with yourself and ask "what is it that I am needing right now?" When we rush around each day and roll on month to month, sometimes we need a reminder to stop and do a self-care check in. 

When I did this at the start of the month, the two things that came to me were "balance" & "make peace with your present". So I have been doing just that. Balance is understanding and doing what makes me the best, strongest and happiest version of myself. Checking into my body, mind and soul and ensuring I am correctly nourishing them. Making peace with my present is turning up each day in my life and being 100% present, having fun, enjoying the moment and having faith in my future. Being grateful for everything I have, and not worrying about what I don't have,

I've been practicing daily morning meditation mantras, plus writing down my I AM's and daily gratitude. This helps me collect my thoughts and positively frame my mind and body for the day. 

Self-Care is a personal journey for you to tune into what your needs are and then make plans to start achieving them. One of the best things about a self-care journey is it being just that, a journey. There is no end, it's a continuous journey you have with yourself.

One of the greatest things I've done to be inspired and try new things is listen to podcasts and talk to people about what they do. Sharing what works and what you have tried may just ignite something within someone else and help them take a step forward.

Knowing this I was inspired to create an event... Self-Care Get Together on Saturday 30th September. Come on down to Lake Monger and have a walk with friends (a stranger is just a friend you haven't met) and share your self-care stories. All welcome!