Far Out it's February!?!

So where did January go??? Is anyone else like me, shaking their head and asking "Where did the first month of 2018 go?

Today I had a mini moment, as one of my conscious thoughts coming into 2018 was not too fill up every minute of every day. First month = Fail. I set some big goals and achieved them all, but forgot to schedule in a bit of "down time" for me. 

Feeling all of these emotions and knowing the day I had ahead (coaching calls, workshop planning etc.) I decided to take myself to the park, lay down on the warm grass and watch the clouds go by. It did me the world of good. Self-care doesn't have to be hours of the day. It can be as simple as stopping where ever you are, closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Or removing yourself from the environment your in, and having a mini "break" like I did today.

Lesson of the moment... Don't get so busy making a life you forgot to stop and enjoy it.

Pause for a moment. It's not selfish to self-care.

Have a magical February and enjoy the energy all around you.