Hello beautiful people, how is your Sunday? Is it filled with events back to back, or have you scheduled time for you? Pause for a moment and take out a mirror, or even use your camera phone. Open it up and look at you. Really look at you. Look into your eyes and connect. See that person in front of you, do you remember them? Do you make choices that take them into account? Do you do things that make them happy? Take a moment and really think about it...

If you could write a list of everything you love doing that makes you happy, could you tick off every thing and say YES I do this stuff all the time. If you do then let me congratulate you and say well done, that is awesome! So many of us are in auto-pilot mode and just get on and do life without taking a moment and thinking what is really important to me that makes me happy. What nourishes my body, mind and soul? 

Two weeks ago I was burning the candle at both ends, physically and emotionally drained, plus not showing up 100% for my life in a positive way. I was not doing anything that makes me happy and sparkle a bit brighter. But I knew the only person that could make a change is me. I had to take charge again. I had completely forgotten about me. I was giving and taking care of external things and doing nothing to take care of me! It had to stop. We forget we have a choice on how our life can be lived, we get tired and give in. We forget about the most important person in our life, you. 


So a few days before the weekend I wrote myself a list of everything I LOVE doing and that makes me smile, laugh, lights me up and most all... makes me happy. I dedicated the weekend to me. It wasn't selfish, it was self-care. 

I went out for a run, breakfast, visited a farmers markets, read a book, did some creative writing and the list went on. There wasn't anything crazy on my list, just simple things I love doing that make me happy.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, emotionally bruised or even a little bit broken and shattered. Ask yourself a simple question "when was the last time I did something solely and selfishly for me, that makes me happy?" ... If you take too long to answer then it's been too long! I am grateful that I got to do the whole weekend dedicated to me, but I understand everyones lives are busy. So even if it's scheduling 1 hour for you and only you, do that. You will be amazed on how you feel after. 

Your future self will thank you.