Jump Into June

So here we are, half way through 2017! I ask myself the same question every June...where has the last 6 months gone?!? Now part of me is also asking "what have I been doing for the last 6 months?" But then I pause and take a moment. I break everything down and really think about what I have done in 6 months and realise I have actually achieved quite a lot! Launched my website, completed a business course, traveled, met new people and spend a lot of time on my personal development. The feeling that comes to mind when I reflect and then come back to this present moment is gratitude. I am so grateful to be on my journey and passionately living a life that I'm so excited about. I'm so grateful to have many wonderful family and friends who encourage me to keep pursuing my dreams. So thank you.

It depends on your world and what you have going on in your life, but a lot can happen in a short few months and I think the middle of the year is a great time to acknowledge just how far you have come before you re-focus on where you are going. This is your life, your amazing journey, no one else's. Sometimes you need to take a moment and reflect just how far you have come. Every accomplishment, every step, every goal needs to be noted and congratulated. Celebrate the small wins! No matter how big or small, feel proud.

You may just have one goal for the year, or six! How ever many you have you need to take a moment and think back to what ignited this goal. What is your why behind the goal? Was it a short-term goal or long-term? What did you need to do to make this goal happen? What changes have you made? Or haven't made? Have you made yourself accountable? What made you stop and say to yourself "That's it! 2017 my goal is….". Now bring yourself to the present moment. Have you achieved it? Are you still achieving it? Are you on the path to achieving it? Is this goal still relevant to where you are at in your life? If it's still important and you haven't yet put the wheels in motion to make it happen, what's stopping you? If it's a big goal and you're feeling overwhelmed, break it down into small chunks so its more achievable to look at. If it's a small goal and you don't know how to start, ask a friend or family member. Figure out what you need to take a small step forward.

When setting goals you need to make sure you are not setting yourself up to fail. Or at least set yourself up to give it the best dam go you can! Some goals may not follow through, but don't stop yourself from at least trying. Remember the famous saying "fall down 7 times, stand up 8". Think about your goal and the steps you need to take to achieving it. Is it all you? Do you need help or support from friends and family? You can have any goal you want, but you need to plan how you will active that goal.

I know with my personal goals it's about being inspired and motivated! I look for inspiration. I seek it out daily. Its my fuel. I'm consistently needing to challenge myself with how I think and feel about life. I grow and become a better person when I am challenged and seek knowledge. From that I am motivated to take on more. For a long time I was just existing. Not feeling passionate about my journey. Then I started listing to my body and mind. "When was I the happiest?" "When was I functioning at the strongest?" It's when I was fuelling my body with inspiration and motivation! 

So let's do it. Let's jump in to June like we jumped into January. With all of the hopes, dreams, excitement of a new year and energy to take over the world!!!!! Your goals are important. No one can take them away from you, but you can stop them from happening if you don't act on them. Write them down. Say them when you wake up. Don't be afraid of putting out there. Talk to who every you need you talk to make it happen. Speak about your goals as if they have already happened. Make space in your life for your goals to become reality. Show up and be presnt in your life, do the hard work and all of your goals will soon be achievements.